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04 July 2017Rodmarton and Owlpen Manor Houses and their Gardens Tuesday 4 July 2017 - BOOKING MAY & JUNE (See synopsis of the visit below)
14 June 2017Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - Mary Rose Museum Wednesday 14 June 2017 - BOOKING APRIL & MAY (please read synopsis of this visit below)
25 May 2017Drapers Hall and Tate Britain - David Hockney Exhibition Thursday 25 May 2017 - BOOKING MARCH & APRIL
06 April 2017British Art at Home - Charleston & Farley Farm House Thursday 6 April 2017 - BOOKING FEBRUARY & MARCH (please see a synopsis of the visit below)
09 March 2017Shakespeare's Globe and Tate Modern Thursday 9 March 2017 - BOOKING NOVEMBER AND JANUARY (please read synopsis of the visit below)
06 December 2016National Gallery - Beyond Caravaggio Tuesday 6 December 2016 - BOOKING OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER (please read synopsis of the visit below)
03 October 201630th Anniversary Visit to Winchester Cathedral with Sung Evensong and Supper - Monday 3 October 2016
08 July 2016The Wallace Collection
09 June 2016 Tour of Bath with Jane Tapley
05 May 2016 Hughenden Manor & Chenies Manor (Politicians and Royalty)
13 April 2016Eltham Palace and Ranger's House: write up of the GADFAS visit on 13 April 2016.
15 March 2016The World of Wedgwood
01 December 2015Goya, The Portraits at the National Gallery
09 November 2015House of Lords with Lord Bradshaw
25 September 2015 Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire
09 July 2015Lacock Abbey and Bowood House
02 June 2015Kenwood and Hampstead Village: Guided Walk with Andrew Davies
13 April 2015Museum of the Order of St John and St Bartholomew the Great
18 March 2015Guildhall Art Gallery and Bank of England Museum
27 February 2015Imperial War Museum: WW1 Galleries and Art Exhibition
04 December 2014V&A Museum - Constable Exhibition: The Making of a Master
07 October 2014London Olympic Park

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Rodmarton and Owlpen Manor Houses and their Gardens
Tuesday 4 July 2017 - BOOKING MAY & JUNE (See synopsis of the visit below)

Tuesday 04 July 2017

Rodmarton Manor is the supreme example of a house built and all its furniture made according to Arts and Crafts ideals and was one of the last country houses to be built and furnished in the old traditional stye when everything was done by hand with local stone, local timber and local craftsmen.

Ernest Barnsley and the Cotswold group of Craftsmen, who built and furnished the house for Claud and Margaret Biddulph, beginning in 1909, were responsible for the revival of many traditional crafts in the Cotswolds which were in danger of dying out over the twenty years that it took to build the house.

Owlpen Manor, home of Sir Nicholas and Lady Mander, has long been recognised as one of the most romantic Tudor manor houses in southern England.  The house dates from 1450 to 1616, with careful Cotswld Arts and Crafts repairs of 1926, when the house was saved from ruin after over 80 years of dereliction.  

This visit follows our lecture on 'The Good Life' - Gimson and the Barnsleys - Inventing the Cotswold Style.