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14 November 2017Buddhism and Buddhist Art of the Himalayas

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Buddhism and Buddhist Art of the Himalayas Zara Fleming Tuesday 14 November 2017

This study day in three one hour parts aims to introduce participants to the Buddhist faith and the art and culture it has inspired in the Himalayas and Tibet.

Lecture one looks at Siddartha (revered today as Buddha Sakyamuni) and the Buddhist faith with its emphasis on personal discipline and spiritual growth. We explore how and why Buddhism spread to the Himalayan region from its birth place in 6th century India. We examine the resulting diversity of artistic expression on this journey.

The second lecture looks at the Tibetan tradition of sacred art, the most common forms being paintings (murals and thankas) and sculpture. Although these objects can be appreciated for their beauty, the significance for Tibetans is how they work as spiritual tools on the path to enlightenment. We will look at how these objects are created, their characteristics and how they are used.

The third lecture introduces us to the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, known by its inhabitants as Druk Yul or Land of the Thunder Dragon. We will look at the art and culture of this extraordinary country and how it has preserved its traditional Buddhist values over centuries. Will Bhutan withstand the recent decades of change? Zara, as a tour guide and lecturer has visited the region numerous times will be able to give us an insight.

10.30   Lecture 1

11.30   Coffee

12.00   Lecture 2

13.00   Lunch

14.15   Lecture 3

15.30   Approximate finish


This Study Day will take place on Tuesday 14th November at Goring Village Hall. The cost is £35 and will include a buffet lunch, wine, soft drinks and tea/coffee.

 Cheques should be made payable to THE ARTS SOCIETY, GORING